The Roller Team & Ci Owners Club 

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We are the only dedicated Roller Team & Ci Owners Club Worldwide.

We are also a Stand alone club that is not run by dealers or manufactures, we are run by the support of the club members.

Our aim is to bring fun and pleasure to the Roller Team & Ci community as well as support and help with your pride and joy, and we bring you all this at a cost of "Nothing" that's right "Nothing" we are completely "FREE"

Everyday we are growing with new members, everyday we are giving advice and help to our members for "FREE"

We are a family club that welcomes everyone from single to couples, old to young, we are here to welcome everyone with open arms.

Come and enjoy the FUN! & Register today for FREE..

Roller Team & Ci Owners Club


About us

The Roller Team & Ci Owners Club was started in 2011 by myself Craig and as I was a member already of a large Motorhome Club I felt even though the club met all my needs I still thought there was room for a club dedicated to "Roller Team or Ci" which gave me the idea of where you are now.

What I have done now is bring the Roller Team & Ci Owners together in a closer gathering to share our advice and dedication to the Roller Team & Ci Motorhomes.

The best bit I found from already being a member on another club is that the word FREE! is always a big welcome and here we are 100% FREE!

I run this club purely for nothing, I do not charge for membership or for the work I do to keep the club running, it takes time and effort to get a club like this to where it is now and believe me it's never ending, but you will see that all my hard work has paid off and the club is growing daily.

So that's it if you have any idea's that you would like to suggest to help the club please contact me on the contact page or register today and join the forum.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Roller Team & Ci Motorhome Club